Firefly : Convection Based Instant Heating

Vaping is a habit that has become quite popular among the people these days. It is a healthier alternative to smoking as it allows the individual to directly inhale the fumes generated from pure herbs. There are many kinds of vaping devices available in the market but it is Firefly that has caught the imagination of the consumers. It is a product of Firefly Vapor, a San Francisco based company that introduced this revolutionary device 5 years ago in 2012.


Firefly is a lightweight and sleek vaporizer that looks like a small mobile phone. It easily fits in your pocket and produces vapors whenever you need them to energize yourself. Being convection based, herbs get heated only when you inhale. Heating is so fast that vapors are generated in just 3 seconds. The device is battery operated and can be easily charged using an electricity outlet. There are multiple heat settings to heat the content up to a temperature to your liking. Unlike other vaporizers, there is no wastage of herbs in Firefly as they do not remain hot all the time.


There are thousands of satisfied customers who vouch foir the efficacy of this amazing device. You can take it out of your pocket at any place and inhale delicious flavors without causing any harm to the environment or other human beings. Users say Firefly produces high quality fumes that are clean and very smooth. With so many benefits and a sleek and stylish design, it is no surprise that Firefly has become the highest selling vaporizer in the market.


Firefly is a very low maintenance vaporizer as it is literally unbreakable. It is fitted with a glass bowl that can be easily cleaned after use. There are some who feel that this vaporizer has a high price tag of $329 but you can get it for less by securing a good deal on internet.

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