Reborn Silicon Babies: How They Are Created?

Stamps, coins and sea shells are old collectors’ trends, now people like to collect silicon babies. Yes, this website are getting famous and more and more people are adding them in their collections. These reborn silicon babies not only look like the real ones, but they are also treated like the real babies. The price of these dolls is high, as compared to any ordinary doll in the market, the reason of high price tag is the hard work involved in making a real looking doll and the material used in these reborn silicon babies. It will be interesting to know that how these humans like dolls are created.

First, a doll is repainted to give it a realistic look. Heat set paint or air dried pants are used for this purpose. After that ordinary doll’s eyes are replaced with the realistic eyes, which have some dimension. These glass eyes are available in different colors. After that hair are rooted, with the help of special needles. Human hair is usually used by synthetic ones are also available.

After making the basic structure of the reborn silicon babies they are filled with the material which give weight to it. glass beads and silicon beads are used for this purpose. However, poly pellets are also added for soft feelings.

If we talk about the high-end dolls, some machines are inserted in them which give the feeling as doll is breathing. Some devices produce the sound of a heartbeat too. Similarly, some dolls shed tears, which pressure is applied on specific points. However, the more qualities a doll have, its price will be more. If you are on a budget, you can still get reborn silicon babies, but that might be without a beating heart. Now, you an idea that how these dolls are created and why they have high price tags.



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